Ludrianna Bazile is a Pineoblastoma warrior. Diagnosed in 2017 at the age of 15 during May, her freshman year of high school.  Her life has been turned upside down. A student that loves learning and school, she was now fighting for her life. One week after being admitted to the hospital, she had a 12-hour surgery to remove the tumor. Radiation and Chemotherapy soon followed. Ludri is an inspiration to all who meet her. She suffers from side effects from her treatments but pushes on despite it all. Graduating with her class of 2020, Ludri is now a college freshman. Her goal is to work with Artificial Intelligence and use her knowledge to help children fighting cancer and make their life a little easier.


This picture is of Ludri in her original Sweet 16 dress, 2 years after her birthday. She had been planning her Sweet 16 for at least 2 years. The day before her party, she went to the Cancer Center for an appointment and was admitted to the hospital with a fever. There would be no big party, everything was canceled. We were able to have a small celebration at the hospital and she wore her dress hooked up to an IV, fighting an infection while celebrating with some family and friends in one of the conference rooms. We had a blast! Six months later Ludri had her Sweet 16, Masquerade in Paris Ball and it was perfect.  Of course, she got a new dress for the party. However, she wanted to see herself in her original dress.  No tubes or IV pole, just her in her dress as it should have been on her 16th birthday. Ludri was beautiful just as she was when she wore it on her birthday in the hospital. She loves this photo. It represents her past, present, and future.