Go Gray In May

Expanding the Go Gray in May initiative: This year we decided to encourage people to help us raise awareness to the fact that May is the month for brain tumor awareness. We provided Go Gray Starter Kits and the response was excitingly overwhelming. Within hours, we needed to restock our kit supply. Click on the photo above to see a gallery of the kits in action on people’s lawns raising awareness.
**A special thank you to Team Super Mike as the Awareness Sponsor, Bonnie Cappuzzello for making the beautiful bows, and Anthony Benfield for painting the gray ribbons at the schools.

Speaking to Students at Summit HS

Summit High School senior Catherine Cordrey, as part of a school project, welcomed Kortney Rose Foundation Founder Kristen Gillette to Summit High School, where Gillette addressed students in their gym classes. Gillette spoke of The Kortney Rose Foundation, which began when Gillette made the decision to channel her grief into something positive after her 9 year-old daughter Kortney, who…

Fly Me To The Moon – Joe Baber

Our friend, Joe Baber, from The Nicholas Conor Institute wrote a great blog discussing Joe Biden’s initiative to put an end to cancer.  The initiative is called “Cancer Moonshot” and was mentioned in President Obama’s latest State of The Union Address.  Click the link below to read his blog and check back for any more…